Kathy’s first initiation into serious guitar playing was in Liverpool in the mid seventies, via a total immersion into the massive blues album collection of her dobro-playing boyfriend (consolidated by endless frontroom jam sessions with local blues afficianados.)

The two underwent an overnight conversion to punk music in 1977, leading to the creation of punk band, the Accelerators. Returning to her hometown, London, in ' 81, Kathy went on to perform with various projects including volume eleven trash rockers, The Birdhouse, female fronted punk-metal band Joyryde and later psychobilly party band The Death Valley Surfers.

The sterile, DJ dominated scene of late 90’s London prompted her to move on. A Death Valley Surfers gig at the acclaimed Wild at Heart club was the perfect opportunity for Kathy to transport herself and her battered Gibson SG to Berlin on New Year’s Eve, 2000. There, the more laidback and creative atmosphere enabled her to consolidate her considerable skills as a singer-songwriter, and to front her psychobilly trio Kathy X from 2002 till 2013

She has diversified without losing her edge; embracing a  warm and energetic blend of roots country, blues and rockabilly which highlight her dark vocals and bluesy, edgy guitar playing. Today she constantly writes and records her own material, and also plays country, blues and rockabilly on her eight string lap-steel guitar

....If you're looking for authentic expression, here you are....Chriz, die Psychocouch

….Country, garage, rockabilly, roots blues in a simple combination (guitar, double-bass) thus stripped of all artifice, Kathy Freeman’s songs really get to you...... as evidenced in the superb Bitch Like You or Second Skin –

Remi New, My New Kind of Kick (translated)

Pictures from the vaults: