"The best Folk music has something to say, and Kathy is in a fine Folk tradition.  Her guitar might not have a sticker on it saying it kills Fascists but there’s a line down from Woody Guthrie in her delivery and taking a topic by it’s horns......... Yes, I am definitely warming to Kathy Freeman – a wolf in sheeps clothing musically." John Hurd - 3SongsBonn full review

"….country, garage, rockabilly, roots blues in a simple combination (guitar, double-bass) thus stripped of all artifice, Kathy Freeman’s songs really get to you and take on an emotional charge, as evidenced in the superb Bitch Like You or Second Skin" –Remi New, My New Kind of Kick (translated from the French)

“While marginal talents who can barely sling a few chords together are lauded
as geniuses for acting like pouting hissy fit brats, Kathy is a brilliant guitarist…..”Fancy Mag (scroll down for article)

"Kathy Freeman could not be further from some self-described punk acts performing today: for a start she was in at the dawn of european punk, and she showcases the link between punk and earlier styles, with her strong rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly influences. She keeps that unfakeable raw edge that is often lost in production, and marries it to some very potent songwriting for a combination that’s decidedly hard to top. Superb" .Oli - Live Unsigned.

"She will be playing her wonderful mixture of rock- and-roll-abilly with punk sensibilities.......with a fantastic stage presence and unique guitar sound" Alan Garvie - former proprieter East of Eden Bookshop

If you are looking for authentic expression – here you are."All The Way" (BY Kathy's project KATHY X) shows a great variety of honest music. The production always has a DIY-undertone that supports the charm of songs like "Rolling In The Trash". Which brings me back to the lyrics again. "You couldn’t walk the line if you was Johnny Cash" – thats like a good graffitti: words you won't ever forget. Clever!....You can't categorise KATHY X and that's a compliment. They won't disappoint anyone who is into psychobilly and related stuff without wearing blinders. I recommend to add songs like "Loner" ("I was knock knock knockin’ on heaven’s door, but there was nobody home") to your record-collection. By the way: "Second Skin" (Frogtapes), the solo-album of Kathy Freeman, that also contains KATHY X songs with a different dynamic, is also great, if you like music thats concentrating more on a singer/songwriter attitude and not on rock'n'roll fury. Give it a listen

Chriz - Die Psychocouch - full article



3SongsBonn - John Hurd "After her excellent sets at Bonn Folk Folk 3songsbonn.com managed to get a few words with Kathy Freeman about her Punk Past and her many musical projects since."


-AcousticWednesday- Kathy Freeman -Interview

Drunken Mermaid met Kathy Freeman via facebook, and after one listen of I’m Alive – You’re Dead we immediately knew we had to do an interview. Enjoy.

Old School Psychobilly



no more heroes

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Rock Hardi

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Fancy Mag (New York)

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For reviews of Kathy Freeman's former psychobilly project Kathy X - (whose songs she still often performs) go to Kathy X Reviews Page